Milad-un-Nabi celebrated by MWL Nottingham


Sunday 2nd of March, a MILAAD Program was conducted by MWL Nottingham.There was a large number of ladies present in the hall, who really enjoyed this spiritual gathering.

President Minhaj Women League UK Sister Fatima Mash'hadi delivered a wonderful speech on the topic of Touba. She also appreciated the efforts of MWL Nottingham in conducting such a successful MAWLID-UN-NABI Program. She said that 'to introduce Ummah with love of Prophet (S.A.W) is the motive of Minhaj-ul-Quran.

Sister Khadija Atkinson did a talk with the subject of Moral values.

Sister Rosina Secretary DAWAH MWL UK also discussed briefly about MINHAJ DAWAH Projects.

Program concluded with Salaam and a heart touching Dua by Sister Fatima Mash'hadi.

Report by: Media Secretary, MWL UK