MWL Nottingham holds a Coffee Morning with the Nottinghamshire Police Force


Minhaj Women’s League Nottingham, in collaboration with the Nottinghamshire Police Force, held a Coffee Morning today on the 11th of February 2015 at Five Ways Muslim Centre.

Many women attended the informal gathering as a way to discuss issues faced by the Muslim community in Nottingham, in light of developments in Syria.

President of MWL Nottingham Sister Iram Qaisar started by introducing the Minhaj Women’s League and the members of the Nottingham tanzeem. She went on to elucidate the work that MWL is carrying out in respect to Dawah and welfare projects.

General Secretary Nottingham, Sister Shahreen Hussain then highlighted several English books authored by Shaykh-ul-Islam, Dr Mohammed Tahir-ul-Qadri and impressed the importance of learning and teaching Islam to the next generation in English, their first language. Also MQI distribution of the Holy Quran to approximately 18 prisons across England was brought to the attention of the audience. Books from the PEP discussed as well as the Glorious Quran.

The ladies from the Nottinghamshire Police, Officer Shelley Wardle (Prevent Officer) and Officer Kay Mortimer (Regional Prevent Briefing and Engagement Officer) then addressed the ladies present. They outlined the important role mothers can play to prevent radicalisation of Muslim youth today. They also engaged the audience to discuss various situations in which Muslims maybe facing discriminating behaviour, including schools. It was emphasised that some media source was doing a great dis-service to society, by portraying Muslims as a whole in a very negative light.

Ladies from the audience dispelled many untruths about the position of women in Islam. Undoubtedly, we all have shortcomings but these are the fault of individuals, not of a religion.

It was a programme with a positive outcome. The officers expressed their wishes to work further with both MWL and MYL in Nottingham. They were informed that these leagues are nationwide. We are hoping to work with them at a national level.

Tea and snacks were also served.