MWL West Bridgford hold its weekly Halqa-e-Durood


Minhaj Women’s League (MWL) West Bridgford held its weekly Halqa-e-Durood on Tuesday 24th November 2015 at the home of Sister Muneer. Alhumdulliah, this meeting was attended by both MWL members and non-members.

The Mehfil commenced with a beautiful recitation of The Holy Quran by Sister Saima Rafiq the English translation was read by Sister Nadia Ahmad.

This was followed by listening to excerpts of Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri’s speech explaining the importance of our responsibility to Islam. Shaykh-ul-Islam explained in great detail that every era Momin have a responsibility to Deen. In previous eras it fell upon pious people to spread Islam, for others the responsibility was to collect Hadith.

We must realise that we must make use of every modern method available, so although using a computer is not Sunnah, as it is beneficial to Islam it must be utilized. Shaykh-ul-Islam encourages us to embrace development as a key tool in furthering and protecting Deen.  Embrace modernity keeping to the tenants of Islam.

This was followed by an informal speech by Sister Shahreen Hussain on significance modesty as cornerstone of Islam. Certain boundaries have been set for both men and women.

Sister Kausar Yaqoob continued with a reading about the methods to purify different items (clothes, ghee, honey etc).

The Mehfil continued with Ziker by all sisters present, and formally concluded by a Dua by Sister Kausar.