MQI Nottingham Annual Muharram Programme 2015


Alhamdullilah MQI Nottingham organised the annual Muharram Programme which was held on Thursday 21/10/2015 to reflect and remember the great sacrifices of Hazrat Imam Hussain AS and his family and friends.

This programme was hosted at Bobbersmill Community Centre, Masjid Ash-Shifa from 7-9pm. This programme was broadcasted live on radio dawn 107.6fm.

Our chief guest were President MQI UK, Allama Syed Ali Abbas Bukhari, Dr. Musharraf Hussain Al Azhari, President Jamaat Ahle Sunnah Nottingham Allama Hassan Jamil, Mufti M Ismail Sahb, Qari Naseer Sahb, General Secretary Midlands zone Brother Tanvir Pasha and other Ullama from Nottingham.

The programme was hosted by MQI Nottingham General Secretary Brother Fazil Khan. The programme started with the beautiful recitation from the Holy Quran by Nottingham’s famous Qari Ameer Hussain Al-Azhari. This was followed by Hamd and Naats by local Naat Khuwans.

MQI Nottingham president Brother Akmal Hussain welcomed the guests and spoke about Shaykh-Ul-Islam’s unforgettable contribution for the Muslim Ummah. He said in the last half century whenever the Ummah needed guidance and answers of the most critical questions Shaykh Ul-Islam gave a solution.

This was followed by the speech given by our honourable guest Allama Syed Ali Abbas Bukhari in which he spoke about Karbalah. He said that this is an unforgettable occasion in the history of Islam. Every martyr is honoured in the sight of Allah SWT, but the special place given to Imam Hussain AS no martyr can get because this sacrifice was the actual sacrifice of the Holy Prophet SAW.

The programme was ended with a Dua in remembrance of the Shuhadah E Karbalah. A huge crowd of brothers and sisters were present in this programme. This programme was one of the programmes that was organised by JAS Nottingham for the ten days of Muharram and were hosted in 12 various Masajids in Nottingham. MQI Nottingham Dawah Team held a book stall in this program and other programmes of Muharram.  All the members and volunteers were present in this Programme. Langar was served at the end of the programme.