MWL hold Irfan-ul-Quran course in Nottingham


Minhaj ul Quran Women league Nottingham organized a one day “Irfan ul Quran Course”  on 9th May 2015 at the Five Ways, Sherwood Education and cultural Centre in Nottingham. Alhamdulillah a total of 85 sisters attended this course and made it successful.

The attendees were welcomed by President of Minhaj Women League Midlands Sister Gulshan-E-Fatima which followed with the beautiful recitation from The Holy Quran by Sister Kosar Yaqoob (MWL Dawah Secretary Nottingham). After the recitation of The Holy Quran, a beautiful Nasheed was read by Sister Falak and Sister Sabah from Derby Minhaj Youth League. General Secretary Minhaj Women League Midlands Sister Rosina Nawaz being the stage secretary introduced each session and gave a brief description of sessions that were to be taught.


At the start of the course, a questionnaire was distributed amongst the students to assess the level of participants, this was given in both English and Urdu.  Irfan ul Quran course booklets also in Udru and English were distributed amongst all the participants. In the course booklet, after every subject a blank page was also provided for any notes which was highly appreciated by the participants.


In the first session, Arabic alphabets and its sounds were beautifully explained by Sister Shaheen. This was an amazing session as sisters had to repeat the Huroof E Tahajji with Tajweed. The main purpose of this session was to teach the correct pronunciation of The Holy Quran by teaching ‘Tajweed’. This session was comprised of half an hour.


President of Minhaj Women League UK Ustadha Fatima Mash’ hadi then explained some terms used in Tajweed and spoke about the importance of reading The Holy Quran. Ustadha Fatima Mash’hadi briefly spoke about the revelation (Wahi) of The Holy Quran. She also shed some light upon the five famous names of The Holy Quran and explained their meanings in the light of different verses of The Holy Quran.

The session stopped at 1pm for Salah and lunch break for 45 mins.


The next session was about Taharah which was delivered by Sister Mussarat General Secretary MWL UK General Secretary and Sister Sumayya, who also spoke about the importance of Wudhu, meaning of Wudhu, terminology of Wudhu, and process of Wudhu, in detail that how many farz in Wudhu, Sunnahs, Mustahab and other details.

Surah Al Fatiha

President of MWL UK Ustadha Fatima Mash’hadi then taught the translation of Surah Fatiha and the importance of it. Sisters also had a question and answer session which was very useful and appreciated as this gave them a chance to ask relevant questions related to the course and the topics that were taught during the day.


Course feedback forms were distributed and the certificates were awarded amongst all the participants.

Positive feedback was given and a demand of further similar courses were made by the sisters.

Sister Shazia Hashmi, one of the participants said ''Thank You for such a beautiful and much needed opportunity. I've enjoyed every part of the session. Can't wait till the next training. ''

Another sister gave feedback and said ''It was amazing event and I have learnt so much Mashallah! It was very educational and inspiring. I took quite a lot from this course. You did an amazing job organising a big event and the food and breakfast along with the room setting was all very well organised! It was a very comfortable environment to learn and I couldn't believe how the day went by so fast. We would like to see more events like this in Nottingham inshallah!"


All attendees were presented with a certificate of participation rewarding them on their efforts and hard work throughout the course.

The programme concluded with a heart whelming Dua by Ustadha Fatima Mash’hadi President of Minhaj Women League UK.

Reported by: Sadia Chishti (Media Secretary Nottingham)
Edited by: MWL Midland Zone Media Secretary