Mawlid un Nabi ﷺ celebrations by MQI Northampton


To Celebrate Milad Un Nabi, this year Minhaj-ul-Quran Northampton started series of Mehfil by holding 1st first Mehfil at Milton Keynes on 6th of December 2015, In attendance were President Minhaj-ul-Quran Northampton Shaykh Saif-ul-Azam ( Al-Azhari ) , Shaykh Asim Al-Azhari ( Imam  Wolverton Mosque ).  Haji Muhammed Tabrez Qadri, Muhammed Asadullah and Brother Shakeel Subtain were the main sana Khawan.

2nd Mehfil, Special Mehfil for Ladies only on Sunday 13th December at Minhaj-ul-Quran Northampton: Centre was stunningly decorated by our sister one night before Mehfil, which was appreciated by all participants. Among Speakers were Miss Tanzeem Begum (English) and Mrs Musarrat Bashir (Urdu). Mehfil starter at 11:00 am and Finished at 15:00.  Food was served for the attendees.

3rd Program was the main Program on Wednesday 23rd of December at Minhaj-ul-Quran Northampton Centre:

Program Started at 14:30 just after Asr Prayer with Tilawat E Quran by Shaykh Saif-ul-Azam (Al-Azhari ). After the Tilawat e Qalam mehfil started with Darood sharif and Naat by Muhammad Asadullah (Finance Secretary), Among other Naat Khawan were  Faisal Maqsood Qadri , Muhammed Asif Naqshbandi, Muhammad Zubair , Haji Tabrez Qadri (Milton Keynes), Brother Naseer.

There were exceptional Speeches by Special guest Allama Bilal Ahmed Ashrafi (Birmingham) and Shaykh Saif-ul-Azam Al-Azhari.

At the end of Mehfil Dua was made for whole Muslim Ummah and well prepared food was serviced to all attendees.