MWL Birmingham reflect on events of the blessed months - Rajab, Shaban and Ramadhan


On 1 May 2016, with the help of Allah Almighty and the Prophet Muhammed PBUH, the women’s league of Alum Rock, Birmingham, held a monthly gathering at the Minhaj-ul-Quran centre on Naseby Road, Birmingham.

The host for this program was Sister Rabia Khanam, MWL (President of Alum Rock, Birmingham), who invited Sister Malaika to recite verses of the glorious Quran. Sister Rabia then invited Sister Saima to sing a beautiful naat.

Sister Haleema Sadia did a wonderful speech in English about the month of Rajab. Almighty Allah says about this month that it is one in which to ask for forgiveness and to repent. The analogy is drawn that mercy drops from the heaven like a gentle rain drop. Further to this Sister Haleema Sadia stated that, Rajab marks the beginning of a spiritual season for every believer, which ends with the month of Ramadhan. These three months Rajab, Shaban and Ramadhan are unmatched in their importance. Praise be to Almighty Allah for giving the Ummah this opportunity to cleanse themselves of sin.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH travelled on the Buraq in this month to meet Almighty Allah, the journey started from the Kaaba in Makkah to Masjid Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem and then to the heavens. Almighty Allah sent a message to the Ummah through the Holy Prophet PBUH to read Salah, ask Allah for forgiveness and then prepare for the next month by giving charity and reciting Durood Shareef as much as possible. Almighty Allah says the more you give in charity the closer you become to me.

Following the speech, there was recitation of Nasheed by a young group of sisters called Tabassam, and another called, Sadia, who both sang beautifully.

Sister Rukhsana Iqbal MWL (Dawah Secretary of Alum Rock, Birmingham) did a translation and Tafseer of Surah Baqarah, Ayaat 11.

Sister Abida Mughal MWL (Welfare secretary of Alum Rock, Birmingham) did a wonderful speech in Urdu about the night of Miraj. Sister Abida explained how the Buraq had so much love for the Holy Prophet PBUH and that he wished he was chosen for the journey. Angel Jibrail AS took the Holy Prophet SAW up to Sidra-tul-Muntaha, but could not travel any further, due to the heat, which would have burnt Angel Jibrail AS wings.

During this journey, the Holy Prophet PBUH met several other Prophets on different heavenly levels. When the Holy Prophet PBUH finally reached the highest heaven and was graced with the Divine presence, He received a number of directives, including that prayers should be offered five times a day. Thereafter, the Holy Prophet PBUH returned to Jerusalem, and then back to the Holy Mosque in Makkah. Numerous reports on the subject reveal that the Holy Prophet PBUH observed both heaven and hell on this occasion. Details of this extraordinary night are recorded in Quran and Hadiths.

The programme was concluded with dua and salaam by sister Rabia Khanam.

Reported by Shaheen Akhter MWL (Media Secretary of Alum Rock Birmingham UK)