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Milad mehfils continue in homes by MWL Birmingham (Alum Rock)


Today, the 28th of December, was another exciting day for the Alum Rock women’s league because Sister Rukhsana Begum MWL (Membership Secretary of Alum Rock B’ham) held a Mawlid Un Nabi at her house. The atmosphere was phenomenal with decorations throughout the house. It looked amazing and added to the festive atmosphere. May Allah SWT and Rasool SAW bless Sister Rukhsana with barakah and health, Ameen.

The Recitation of The Holy Quran and Naat Shareefs were done by Sister Rukhsana’s young daughters ; Umm -e- Habiba Majid, Maaria Majid, Amminah Majid, Haleema sadia and Aisha. The young girls recited with enthusiasm and passion and uplifted the audiences’ mood. May Allah Subhan WaTala give more passion to these young girls for the love of our Rasool ﷺ PBUH. Sister Rukhsana also had ziyarat of Muay Mubarak of The Holy Prophetﷺ (PBUH) at her house and the turnout of ladies exceeded expectation. When the ziyarat arrived everyone was excited and recited Durood Shareef out loud and so Sister Rukhsana Begum led all the ladies to the special room to do Ziyarat and handed out petals of roses that had been placed around the Ziyarat. The Mehfil was concluded with Dua and Salaam.

Food was served to all attendees.

Reported by Shaheen Akhter Minhaj Women League (Media Secretary of Alum Rock Birmingham UK)