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Milaad Mehfils held by MWL Birmingham


Tuesday the 15th of December 2015, also the 3rd of Rabi-ul-Awwal was marked by memorable Mawlid at Sister Rukhsana Parveen’s MWL (President of Alum Rock B’ham) house to commemorate the birth of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Sister Rukhsana was an amiable host, warm welcoming and ensured the celebratory atmosphere was maintained throughout upon entering the house, merry atmosphere was presented with numerous light-up ornaments displayed throughout, such as the shape of The Prophet ﷺ footprint. There was also tasbihs made available to everyone so the ladies could recite praise upon The Prophet ﷺ.

Sister Maaria Ashraf did Tilawat by reciting Surah Yaseen; the heart of the Quran. The particular verse chosen reaffirmed the Prophethood of Muhammad ﷺ.

‘I swear by the Quran full of wisdom, most surely you are one of the apostles. (36:2-3). Then everyone collectively recited Durood Shareef, with interspersed Urdu verses praising The Prophet Muhammad ﷺand his family. The collective recitation was a display of the unity of the Muslims and the depth of their love for the Noble Prophet ﷺ.

Many of the Sisters then recited a variety of Naats ‘Wo mera Nabi hai’ by Shaheen Akhter MWL (Media Secretary of Alum Rock B’ham) ‘Ya Mustafa Khairul wara tere jiya koi nahi by Sister Maaria Ashraf and ‘Mery Aqaa Aao K Mudat Hui Hai’ by Sister Abida Mughal MWL (Dawah Secretary of Alum Rock B’ham). All of them praised and exalted The Prophet ﷺ, reiterating his uniqueness and showing utmost reverence for him by mentioning the praise Allah himself bestows upon His Beloved. Sister Ruksana Parveen then recited beautiful and emotional poetry written by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri. It began ‘Tere hotey janam liya hota’.

To conclude the Mehfil , Sister Shazia Parveen MWL (General Secretary of Alum Rock B’ham) recited a few verses of Salaam -‘Mustafa jaane rehmat pe laakhoun salaam’ written by the mujaddid of the last century Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Barelwi. Then , Sister Ruksana Iqbal MWL (Dawah Assistant of Alum Rock B’ham) did a Dua praying for Sister Ruksana Parveens family and the Ummah as a whole.

After the Mehfil ended, everyone congratulated each other and hugged one another in happiness. Sister Ruksana parveen provided a vast selection of fresh, mouth-watering foods.There was also a bespoke fresh cream cake with the words ‘Marhaba Ya Mustafa’ provided. Everyone feasted to their hearts content.

Reported by Shaheen Akhter Minhaj Women League (Media Secretary of Alum Rock Birmingham UK)