Three million Syrian people have fled their homes and are in need of aid. They are in urgent need of emergency relief; food, shelter and medical care

It has been almost two years since the uprising began in Syria leaving a devastating impact on many Syrian families and more than 3 million in need of humanitarian aid. The infrastructure has collapsed, there is no adequate health care in most parts of the country, water supplies have been cut off and there is shortage of food.

According to the Humanitarian charter, as humanitarian agencies all people affected by disaster or conflict have a right to receive protection and assistance to ensure the basic conditions of life with dignity (The Sphere Project).

With its new and life changing projects, Minhaj Welfare Foundation is looking to recruit volunteers to donate their time’ and make a difference with Minhaj Welfare Foundation.

Could you imagine life without a safe and secure roof over your head? Put yourself in the position of the millions of orphans around the world and you will appreciate the work of Minhaj Welfare Foundation (MWF).

Orphans are no different to any other child; we here at MWF believe the Orphans should have the best start in life to help them become ambassadors of their country. We hope to setup a network of Orphan Care Homes in marginalised areas and also increase capacity at existing ones.

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