MWL Milad Conferences Schedule

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Allah Almighty has revealed:

"Say: '(All this) is due to the bounty and Mercy of Allah (bestowed upon you through raising Muhammad [blessings and peace be upon him] as the exalted Messenger). So the Muslims should rejoice over it. This is far better than (all that affluence and wealth) that they amass." Al-Qur'an 10:58

Alhamdulillah the month of the birth of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is approaching and it is the custom of MQI to celebrate this event with passion and dedication.

That is why Milad conferences are being organised in many cities across the UK.

The schedule that sister Nasreen has arranged for Mrs Fatima Mash'hadi President MWL UK is as follows:


  • Accrington, 4th of January at 11am
  • Oldham, 4th of January at 2pm
  • Manchester, 5th of January at 12am
  • Bolton, 25th of January at 12am
  • Brierfield, 25th of January at 6pm
  • Leeds, 26th of January at 11am
  • Blackburn, 26th of January at 4pm


May Allah (SWT) shower His unlimited Blessings on the Ummat e Muslimah and help us work for this Great Mission with dedication.

Report by: Shamime Jan