MWL (UK) Executive Team's Tanzeemi Tour

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During the 16th and 17th November 2013, The MWL (UK) executive team conducted their first official organisational visit since the set-up of the new structure for MWL(UK) had been set up. MWL (UK) President Sister Fatima Mash'hadi, MWL (UK) General Secretary Sister Mussarat Hussain and Sister Asma Murtaza visited Birmingham, Manchester, Oldham, Nelson and finally concluded their tour in Rochdale to attend and speak at the annual Muharram programme, where all the North Zone tanzeemi members of all tanzeemats were also present.

The main aims and objectives of the tour was to support and train the teams on the main role holders job description, importance of keeping good communication throughout the structure, importance of each individual spending time on their own spiritual and personal development, each session was concluded by a lively and effective Q & A session relevant to their own local issues.

All the cities Tanzeemi members gained valuable knowledge, inspiration and motivation to move forward with confidence knowing that there is strong support available from MWL (UK) Executive team.

Report by: Shamime Jan