Training Workshop organised by MWL UK for MWL South Zone

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4th October, 2015: Alhamdullilah, Minhaj Women League-UK organised a training workshop for tanzeemaat on 4-OCT-2015, in London. Active members of tanzeemaat from South region including London, Woking, and Hounslow attended.

It started with beautiful recitation of The Holy Quran, followed by Durood-e-Paak. President MWL-UK Fatima Mash’hadi welcomed all members and started this training workshop.

The Project co-ordinator for Community Work- Sister Jabeen Naveed gave a brief presentation on MWL’s new project known as Community Work. She described all the steps and activities covered under community work project in a detailed manner and shared good experiences about the starting of this project in London. She also mentioned that this project would be started in ten particular areas of the UK in the beginning. Later, it would be expanded.

It was followed by another brilliant presentation on Media work by Sister Maimoona Mash’hadi from MYL-Sisters. She focussed on the importance of media in today’s life and how it works wonderfully to spread & enhance the great efforts and hard work done by our fellows of MQI.

Sister Asma Murtaza the Information Secretary of MWL-UK presented wonderfully on Dawah & Tarbiyah. She briefly described the qualities, responsibilities, role, and activities of a moballighah.

It followed by a memorable presentation by one of the most talented youngsters; Sister Zahra Hussain who is vice president of MYL-Sisters. She presented on membership. She intelligently described the importance of MQI, what makes it different from other organisations, how to present Hazoor Shaykh-Ul-Islam & their Great Works, how to invite people to become members & finally answered the questions of the audience.

Sister Madiha Zeeshan Deputy Secretary General MWL-UK presented excellently on reporting.  She covered all areas of report generating.

Brother Imran Qurashi from MWF-UK covered the topic of Welfare work. He focussed on introducing MWF as a non-government funded organisation which is working for the humanity all over the globe & described how  to do fund raising in towns and tanzeemaat.

Sister Musarrat Hussain Secretary General MWL-UK described the organisational structure and different roles & responsibilities within the organisations of MWL-UK.

President of MWL-UK Sister Fatima Mash’hadi summarised the whole training session. She also answered to the questions of participants and gathered feedback.

Participants from various tanzeemaat of MWL-South described it as ‘need of the time’ and learnt a lot. They appreciated such an excellent effort of MWL-UK and reassured that they will keep spreading the true message of Islam & Hazoor Shaykh-ul-Islam in an effective manner. They also requested to run these workshops in different areas of South so that more members could learn from it. It finished at the recitation of Darood-e-Paak.

Reported by:  Rakhshanda Kanwal, Secretary General MWL-South
Edited by MWL UK Media Team