MYL Glasgow participate in raising money for the flood appeal in Pakistan

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On 15th October, MYL Glasgow took to the Central Rail station in Glasgow to raise funds for flood victims

The continuing grief and hardship of the citizens of Pakistan has continued to serve as motivation and brotherhood to the rest of the world, Pakistanis and non-Pakistanis alike. The floods in Pakistan, its impact larger than the Tsunami, Haiti earthquake and other recent disasters, has influenced the rest of the world to come to its aid and to continue with their support for as long as they can. MYL Glasgow participated in raising money for the floods appeal in Central Station Glasgow. Secretary General, Brother Tahir Muhammad, brothers Khobaib Majid, Muhammed Umair, Madni Ahmad Tahir, sisters Javayriya Wahid, Humma Majid and Habeeba Asghar volunteered to help with the cause. The volunteers feel that no matter the enormous adversity of the floods, the help and support from the rest of the world can make the biggest of differences. We would urge those who read this to donate and support Pakistan as much as they can and to raise awareness of this cause.