Worship is a function of our inner self, and the rituals such as prayers, fasting, Zakat and Hajj aim at making man beneficial and productive for others. The excellent manners and morality emanate from the state of mind described as worship. Planting a tree with a view to bettering environment is also worship.

YOUNG Muslim leaders have warned against the UK carrying out airstrikes in Syria saying the move would fail to curb the rise of the terror group Daesh.

Senior members of the community said the intervention would inevitably lead to a “backlash” against the west and stoke up further support for the extremist organisation among Muslim youths both in Britain and in the Middle East.

BBC - 23rd June: Caroline Wyatt, Religious affairs correspondent - original article link

A Pakistani Islamic cleric has launched a "counter-terrorism" curriculum to combat the message of Islamist extremist groups such as Islamic State (IS), in an effort to help stop young people becoming radicalised.

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