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Real threat to Britain is not in the mosques

Media Coverage
07-10-2005 The new terror laws of the government are not clearly defined and against the basic concept of Freedom of Speech as correctly described by Mr John Cooper of the Bar Council as 'totally and utterly unworkable'. The word 'extremism' is not clearly defined, thus it is impossible to trace the real extremists. This will lead to misuse of terms, which is very dangerous in the eyes of the British Muslims. Minhaj-ul-Quran International (MQI) is shocked to see the so called revised terror laws and it beliefs that the government has to recognise the 'real threat' for Britain, which is not in the mosques. Closing down the mosques and arresting the mosque committees will not resolve the issue as the fire of hatred is encouraged by the extreme clerics of certain sects by using anti western slogans - that takes place outside the mosques. This can only be eliminated if the 'true' classical scholars of Islam deal with the young British Muslims and educate them about the true values of their faith. Banning extreme organisations from UK is the step ahead and supported by the majority of Muslims. [ENDS]