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New Terror Laws should ban Extremists from the media

Media Coverage
20-07-2005 It was very depressing to see member of an extremist disbanded organisation on the national TV. Such extremists should be taken off British streets. The government is outlawing the praising of terrorism but such a step will be pointless if such individuals are allowed to appear in the media and express their extreme views. It is mystifying why the government has allowed them to spread hate for so long in the UK. It defies belief that at such a sensitive time, such people are allowed to appear on prime time TV on the news, resulting in virtually undoing the work of Muslim organisations and leaders in distancing Islam and British Muslims from terrorism. At times like these, a fair responsibility also lies on the media so that the voices of extreme individuals who have the aim of fuelling hatred between communities are not aired. The BNP is not given any coverage on the mainstream media for this very reason, as any interview with their party will result in the incitement of racial hatred. The same rule should be applied for extreme individuals or organisations whose interpretation of Islam is rejected by British Muslims and Organisations. The British government must act in this regard in order to make the great hoo-haa about new terror laws truly effective. MQI totally agrees with the comments of the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, yesterday in interviews to channel 4 news and others, with regards to the Middle East, terrorism and the interference of the West in that part of the world for so long which resulted in a hostile stance from those people towards the West. We praise him for speaking so truthfully about such issues, and the government should no longer try to ignore such issues, if it wants to make the world a better place. [ENDS] For further information, please contact t