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Sir Ian Blair visits MQI - Muslims ready to fight extremism

Media Coverage
16-07-2005 The British youngsters and Minhaj-ul-Quran (MQI) leaders welcomed the visit of Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair to the mosque of Minhaj-ul-Quran International on Friday the 15th July. A closed door meeting with Sir Ian Blair took place before the public address in which the MQI leaders discussed issues related to the security of the Muslims and the actual teachings of Islam. The Media Secretary of MQI, Mr Shahid Mursaleen explained to Sir Ian Blair that the positive and moderate image of Islam has to be presented in the mainstream media so that the present misconceived view of overall situation of extremism changes effectively. In this regard, he agreed that Minhaj-ul-Quran International has been doing such work for many years and will continue to do so and now more than ever previously requires support from the government and associated official bodies. Furthermore, their was detailed discussion regarding the involvement of young Muslims and clearly these young British Muslims have to be taught a balanced and accurate view of their faith by all the Mosques and Imams throughout the country. As a result, the extreme elements, which still exist in the community, shall not have the opportunity to ‘hijack’ the young immature Muslims and make narrow minded “terrorists” out of them. Sir Ian Blair was informed by Mr Basharat Aziz, President of Minhaj-ul-Quran (London) that it is playing a vital role in bringing the young people away from extremism. Since the inception of this project in London more than a decade ago the emphasis and success of the project has been by teaching them the true image and balanced view of Islam. Sir Ian Blair was further told that the public can be assured that MQI will fully support the authorities to bring back peace in the societies, however, it will be clear that the public will not be and must not be given the impression that our mosques are “clients” of the police and associated authorities. The Mosque is effective if it maintains its spiritual position in line with the rules, regulations and requirements of its land, but not in compromise of it’s theological and spiritual independence. Sir Ian Blair was also informed that there is a great level of fear within the Muslim society in respect of the counterattacks from the racist elements in the UK, he was urged to increase the level of security for the minorities. The active Youth cell of MQI, the Muslim Youth League will play an active role in eradicating extremism from the streets of UK, their Youth development co-ordinator Shaykh Ramzan Qadri holds regular Youth training sessions to educate the young people about their actual faith. The Muslim Youth League of Minhaj-ul-Quran consisting of over 200 youngsters will ensure they spread the moderate and balanced view of Islam. This is one of the methods, which MQI will adopt in practically assisting the local society and the British Government in our fight against extremism. [ENDS]