MWL Rotherham (North Zone UK) held a Halqa Durood with a special remembrance gathering to honour the brave Martys of 17th June Model Town Massacre. The Mehfil organised by MWL Bajee Shaheena Qureshi, motivated the congregation with an engaging speech inspired by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri speeches glorifying the status of these Martys.

By the Grace of Allah Almighty and blessings of The Holy Prophet Mohammed (SAW) Minhaj Women League - UK (MWL-UK) organized a One day Irfan ul Quran Course for the Ladies from all over the North England. The Local MWL Responsible from Rochdale hosted this one day educational Course on 24th May 2015 at the Deeplish Community Centre in Rochdale, where more than 100 women and youth participated from all walks of life. The objective of this course was to develop a compassion for The Holy Quran, developing the ability of reciting The Holy Quran with correct pronunciation and ensuring the true link of a Muslim with The Holy Quran.

The Celebration of the mercy, whose noor illiuminates the whole universe and never dies.

19th January 2014: Rochdale's women league organised a Mawlid event to celebrate the Prophet (SAW) birth, the mercy of Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla; which was at success in taking place with the help of the women league and other sisters outside from the organisation.

Alhumdulliah, Minhaj-ul-Quran Nottingham Women’s League, held halqaat at various locations in Nottingham under the guidance of Sister Kausar Yaqoob (Lenton), Sister Iram and Sister Salma Rafiq (West Bridgford).

On 2-11-16 MWL Nottingham had the opportunity of joining this national NSPCC initiative. The workshop was held for parents to raise awareness of dangers to children while using the internet.  A number of apps were discussed, explaining how children could easily be exploited.   This included social media websites.  The ladies who attended the courses interacted well and were asking a lot of questions and raising concerns.

Minhaj ul Quran Women’s League Nottingham (MWL) held a Halqa-e-Durood on the 3rd and 8th December

3rd December, at the home of Sister Kausar Yaqoob (MWL Nottingham Secretary Dawah). Alhamdulliah, it was attended by a large number of ladies.

The Halqa commenced with Tilawat of The Holy Quran by Sister Kausar, Sister Tabsam recited the English translation and Sister Tahira Parveen recited the Urdu translation.

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