MWL Southampton arrange their annual Muharram programme


By the Grace of Almighty Allah SWT and His Beloved Holy Prophet (SAW), on Saturday 8th Oct 2016, MWL South held a mehfil in respect of Muharram at Madina Mosque, Southampton, which was attended by 100 Sisters.

The mehfil started with a beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran with urdu translation by Sister Yasmin Saboor (MWL Southampton President). The English translation of the same verses was then presented by Sister Rakhshanda Kanwal (MWL South General Secretary).

Ham’d to praise Allah SWT was recited by Sister Yasmin, followed by a beautiful Na’at to praise the Beloved of Allah (PBUH) by Sister Sabira (MWL Southampton General Secretary). This was then followed by narration of a beautiful Manqabat by Sister Amina, to praise Ahle Bait-e- Rasool, may peace be upon them.

A brief talk on the Importance of the holy month of Muharram was delivered by Sister Khadijah Atkinson from Minhaj Sisters. The key note address on the Mournful Events of Karbala was delivered by guest speaker Sister Asma Murtaza (MWL UK Dawah Secretary) which was a very insightful and emotional talk. A brief summary and conclusion based on the three main points of all the talks along with the message of Minhaj-ul-Quran International was delivered by Sister Rakhshanda Kanwal.

Tanzeem members had a short team meeting with the General Secretary for MWL South after the programme. The team was very enthusiastic and happy after the successful programme. Future guidelines to improve their work were given by Sister Rakhshanda.

MWL Southampton have received an overwhelming amount of feedback from Sisters who attended this programme who have insisted we organise such knowledgeable and thought provoking programmes more frequently throughout the year.

MashaAllah, this was a very successful programme. It was ended with Salaat o Salaam, which was beautifully read by Sister Yasmin, Sister Sabira and Southampton Sisters group and a collective Dua was made for the whole ummah.

The audience were gifted with Shaykh-Ul Islam’s books, CD’s and DVD’s by Minhaj Dawah project and MWL South raised £400 for Minhaj Dawah project. Food was also served for all the Sisters who attended the gathering.

Information & Photos by: Sister Rakhshanda Kanwal

Report by: Azmath Aijaz
Edited by: MWL UK Media Team

Jumma tul Mubarak
1st Jama'a 12.30PM
2nd Jama'a 1.30PM