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MWL London holds Summer Fete


Minhaj Women’s League, Walthamstow London held a Summer Fete at The Asian Centre on the 25 August 2012 with the help of Allah and His Beloved Prophet (SAW).


Under the guidance of the MWL London President Mrs Zareda Shafiq, and the presence of Mrs Rukhsana Safraz and her team consisting of Nosheen Zahid, Kiran Shoaib, and Safina Nur Mohammed all the necessary arrangements were made to make this event a successful one.  They took a new approach to advertising in order to attract people of all faiths. Great thanks to Brothers Mohammed Sarfraz, Abbas Aziz and other brothers who also helped MWL London to make sure things ran smoothly.

Stalls included bric a brac, sweets, toys, face painting, mehndi, clothes, and of-course the highly renowned MWL Food Stall, which this time included a new item of hot sweet corn which was extremely popular, as were the cream cakes!  There was a beautician on hand, offering various treatments including therapeutic head and shoulder massages.  In addition to this, there was also an Avon representative selling perfumes, cosmetics and other beauty products.

Special thought was given to providing extra activities for the children apart from the usual bouncy castle and games by arranging for an ice cream van to be present and having other fun activities such as cake decorating, painting and arts & crafts. What proved the most popular was the special guest appearance of Mickey Mouse, arranged by Mrs Rukhsana Safraz and her team. The children’s famous cartoon character made his way around the venue and everyone was able to have their picture taken with him if they wished.

The most important stall present at the fete was the dawah stall offering free CDs of lectures delivered by his eminence Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammed Tahir-ul-Qadri.  Titles of the CDs were:

1. Jihad (GPU)

2. The Concept of Bidah

3. Dars e Tassawuf: Insaan ke teen dushaman.

4. Nafs e  Ammarah Ka Bayan

5. Nafs e  Mulhamma Ka Bayan

6. Questions and Answers (Al-Hidayah 2010) Canada.

As well as distributing these CDs, every opportunity was taken by Sister Anbreen and Brother Rafiq Ahmed to discuss the aims and objectives of Minhaj-ul-Qur’an with the attendees.

Alhamdulillah, the Women’s League had a successful event and are happy that the message and invitation of MQI reached those ears that were unaware of us and it gave us the opportunity to portray the true aims and objectives of our mission.

May Allah accept our efforts and grant even more success to our esteemed mission and give health and prolonged life to our beloved leader Shaykh-ul-Islam. Ameen.


Jumma tul Mubarak
1st Jama'a 12.30PM
2nd Jama'a 1.00PM
3rd Jama'a 1.30PM