MSIS London - Prize Giving Ceremony 2010


Minhaj School of Islamic Sciences, London, organised and proudly presented the annual ‘Results Day’ ceremony for the students of Minhaj evening school. The ceremony took place on Friday 17th of December.

The prize distribution ceremony commenced with the recitation of the glorious Qur’an by Fattah Salih Khan, who is the youngest student of Hifz class. The beautiful recital by young Fattah left the audience raising their appreciations such as ‘Subhan’Allah’. 

Following him was a second recitation, also by a student from Hifz class, Farooq Bahadur. His unique and harmonious recitation engaged the entire audience and once again left the crowd showing their appreciation by raising slogans of ‘Allah hu Akbar’ and Masha’Allah’.

Following the recitations of the Holy Qur’an, Hassan Ali was called on to read a Na’at. He marvelously recited ‘Bulalo Phir Mujhe Aye Shah-e-Bahr-o-Bar Madinay May. His emotional Na’at grabbed the attention of all present in the hall and many present were reading along, remembering their days in Madinah.

This was followed by a Manqabat by Ahmad Raza, also from Hifz class. He beautifully recited ‘Allah Allah Nabi Ka Gharana’, in praise of the Ahl-ul-Bayt. Once again, appreciations were shown by the audience and fellow students showed their support by reading along.

Before the main part of the ceremony began, Hafiz Muhammad Zeeshan, who is the newly appointed principal and also the teacher of Hifz class, was called to come and say a few words to the parents. He explained how the children were marked and what they were marked on specifically. These included: their pronunciation, perfection, memorisation, their behavior in class and their attendance. He clarified the division of marks and then gave words of appreciation to the students who performed excellently but were unable to get a position in class, due to the tough competition, which remained throughout the classes – girls and boys.

Then the time arrived which all parents, students and teachers had been anxiously waiting for - announcement of 2010 Annual Exam Results! The tension was rising as Allama Asif ur Rahman held the result cards in his hand. He began by announcing the results of students. The positions are mentioned below:

Fatimah House (Level 1 Girls):
1st – Batool Ilahi 
2nd – Saffa Afzal  
3rd – Noor Fatimah & Amina Yamin

Hussain House (Level 1 Boys):
1st – Subhan Azal
2nd – Amar Ali Hamza
3rd – Sayd Aman Ali

Memoona House (Level 2 Girls):
1st – Rukhsana Murad  
2nd – Tayyibah Shabbir 
3rd – SadiaAsif & Yasmin Sarah Ali

Makkah House (Level 2 Boys):
1st – Hamza Ishaq 
2nd – Shakeel Mirza 
3rd – Kashif Ali

Aaminah House (Level 3 Girls):
1st – Halima Ishtiaq 
2nd – Nafisa Bibi 
3rd – Maryam Bari

Madinah House (Level 3 Boys):
1st – Muhammad Ibrahim 
2nd – Siar Painda 
3rd – Husnain Saeed

Suffah House (Hifz Class):
1st – Farooq Bahadur
2nd – Muhammad Suleman
3rd – Zain Hussain & Fattah Khan

As they were called on stage, they received their certificates and prizes. Apart from that, every student was given their individual result card, which highlighted clearly the division of their marks.

After the prize distribution, Allama Asif Sahab delivered a short, but thought provoking message to the parents, in which he highlighted the importance of the child’s tarbiyah in the home environment.

To end the ceremony respectively, Muhammad Zeeshan congratulated all the students for their results and for all the effort they had put in prior to the exams. Alhamdulillah hi Ta’ala, the ceremony went very well and every single student passed the annual examination, 2010.

Jumma tul Mubarak
1st Jama'a 12.30PM
2nd Jama'a 1.00PM
3rd Jama'a 1.30PM