MWL London hold Sayyada Zainab (SA) Conference

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By the Grace of Almighty ALLAH and the blessings of The Holy Prophet (PBUH), Minhaj Women League London has organised Sayyada Zainab (SA) Conference in remembrance of Martyrs of Karbala.

The programme started with beautiful recitation of verses of Holy Quran by Sister Amina Shah and followed by melodious Na'at and Manaqibah by MWL-London's Nasheed Group.

English speech was delivered by Sister Tanzeela - Minhaj Sisters, on the Mournful Incident of Karbala. She briefly described why did Sayyadna Imam Hussain (AA) refused to give allegiance to the tyrant Yazeed. She also explained about travellers and seekers of knowledge. The young sisters found her talk really impressive and informative.

The main speech regarding Sayyada Zainab (SA) Conference was delivered by Ustadah Fatima Mash'hadi - President MWL UK. She delivered a hugely inspirational speech and her words were so meaningful and heart-touching that it reminded of the Mournful Incident of Karbala and the Great Personality of Sayyada Zainab (SA). This speech brought tears in the eyes of many who attended this conference.

The conference was concluded by a heartfelt Dua by Sister Nusrat Mahmood President MWL South. Special Salaam was recited upon the Martyrs of Karbala by all sisters. Food was served to all a ttendees at the end.

Programme:    Sayyada Zainab (SA) Conference
Venue:   Minhaj ul Quran Centre, Forest Gate, London.
Date: 16-Oct-2016.      
Tilawah: Sister Amina Shah
Nasheed: MWL-London's Nasheed Group
Speakers: Sister Tanzeela - Minhaj SIsters UK, Ustadah Fatima Mash'hadi - President MWLUK.
Organised by: MWL-London

Jumma tul Mubarak
1st Jama'a 12.30PM
2nd Jama'a 1.30PM