Turning Back to Allah – The Beginning of a Journey

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The weekly Sacred Knowledge study circles presented Turning back to Allah – The beginning of a Journey on Wednesday 2nd March 2016. Guest of honour was Dr Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri; the son of Shaykh–ul–Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir–ul–Qadri, who is amongst the greatest contemporary Shaykhs in this era. The event was attended by a large gathering of males and females.

The Host (brother Ismail Sethi) opened the event with a beautiful verse from the Holy Qur’an, “So remember Me, I shall remember you” (2:152). This was followed by recitation of the Holy Qur’an by Imam Sharif, the Al-Madina Barking Mosque Imam. The importance of loving the Holy Prophet PBUH was emphasised by the host, as closeness to the Prophet PBUH is closeness to Allah. One way of expressing this love is by reciting nasheeds and so Minhaj Munshids who are students of Minhaj–ul–Qur’an International were invited to recite some melodiously in Arabic.

Mufti Sohail Ahmed Siddiqui al-Azhari who regularly teaches at these study circles was invited to share some words of wisdom before the main speaker. He humbly professed he had been thinking about “how to speak,” as “you don’t speak in front of a speaker”. He noted the decline in the Ummah today and the need for a movement to revive and unite it. Along with work that is comprehensive and pure (actual words propagated by the Holy Prophet PBUH), we need spirituality. Purity of the heart and soul is essential as in a time of materialism and extremism we need to reconnect with our Islamic roots to spread peace and harmony as the Holy Prophet PBUH did throughout his entire life. Unless humans achieve peace in their mind and heart they cannot spread it and that is why we need to turn back to Allah, and in order to do so we also have to return to the Holy Prophet PBUH.

The Co-host (brother Rafiq Ahmad) introduced Dr Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri by noting that despite being the son of a renowned scholar, he has countless accomplishments of his own.

As a scholar, orator, author and leader he has written dozens of works, holds a PhD from The Arab League University in Egypt and has licenses of transmission (Ijazahs) from many renowned Arab scholars.

Dr Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri’s talk reminded us of a lost treasure, which is the lost world of the origins of humans.  He began his talk with a Hadith in which the Holy Prophet PBUH states “the best of eras is my era”. He explained that the best knowledge is the direct knowledge from the Holy Prophet which has been preserved by the companions of the Holy Prophet PBUH. The verse from Surah al–A`rāf, “And remember your Lord in your heart”, serves as an important reminder for us; that we were created to be thankful and obedient slaves of Allah. This was promised by our souls in the company of Allah Almighty. Allah developed a structure for the souls and sent them down to this material world where they were exposed to a different realm and whilst indulged in it, forgot the promise made to Allah. Allah sent the message over and over again; this is the beauty of our Lord.

“A beautiful melodious voice entered from the valley of Makkah, entering the ears of those who had forgotten Allah. The message was God is one”

Now to start the journey back to Allah, one has to be a seeker and embark on a journey which starts from being awakened from a deep sleep to arrive at the door of repentance and the door of purity. The true seeker is the one who is consistent, never gives up and asks Allah for guidance.

Dr. Hassan Qadri referenced a text from Imam Abu Madyan, whereby Allah says there are those that desire and love Me, and I to them. Those who search for Me and I look forward to seeing them. The signs of these special people is that when people are enjoying their day they are waiting for night to come, similar to a sheep waiting for it’s Sheppard to guide them home. They yearn for sunset just as a bird yearns for it’s nest. They seek refuge in the company of Allah Almighty every night and are showered with blessings from Allah.

A story of a companion who had sinned and ran away in shame was told to illustrate the mercy and care of the Holy Prophet PBUH and the importance of repentance. Quoting from the traditional Islamic text of Imam al–Ghazali, Letter to a Disciple (Ayyuha al-walad), Dr. Hassan Qadri highlighted the importance of achieving a higher level of Taqwā (piety, fear of God).

The goal of the powerful message delivered by Dr. Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri was for us to change our days and night for the Sake of Allah and to be in the blessed company of the Awliya (saints).

The event concluded with salutations upon the Holy Prophet PBUH and a heartfelt Du’a (supplication) by Allama Sadiq Qureshi. Minhaj Dawah Project provided free literature of Shaykh–ul–Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir–ul-Qadri at the book stalls. Refreshments were also distributed. Journalists from international media were also present and conducted interviews at the end for their news programs.

The audience was encouraged to remain as seekers and to attend the weekly study circles of Sacred Knowledge to continue their journey.

Jumma tul Mubarak
1st Jama'a 12.30PM
2nd Jama'a 1.30PM