MYL-S Summer Spiritual Retreat

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Muslim Youth League UK Sisters held the 4th National 3-day Spiritual Retreat on the weekend commencing 24th July 2015 at Minhaj ul Quran centre, London. It was certainly a sight to see as sisters from across the country had travelled to London despite prolonged traffic delays and dismal weather conditions to participate in the voluntary i’tikaf taking place throughout the weekend. MYLUK – S General Secretary, Misbah Wahid welcomed the participants of the retreats. A collective intention was also made for a voluntary i’tikaf.

The retreat consisted of various talks and discussion-led sessions focused on the theme of Istiqaamah. A presentation was also delivered by MYLUK – S General Secretary, Zahra Hussain who elucidated on the work and projects of MYLUK – S taking place across the country as well as sharing personal experiences of working within MYLUK – S. Misbah Wahid delivered a talk on steadfastness and briefly explained how for a believer, Istiqaamah is a virtue that cannot be done without. Original team building activities had also been planned for the purpose of encouraging team-building and developing communication between the participants of the retreat. Fardos Shahid, MYLUK – S Area Executive (Birmingham) also discussed Sufism and the Nafs e Ummarah. Fardos’s talk covered purification of the soul and how one can battle the Nafs e Ummarah in order to attain the level of spiritual perfection.

A guest speaker, Sister Khadijah Atkinson, delivered an interactive session on the topic of I’hsan. Sister Khadijah explained that I'hsan is the highest of the three levels of faith and the closest to God. I’hsan is to worship Allah as if you are seeing Him. While you do not see Him, that He truly sees you. A Mushin is one who exhibits spiritual excellence, good manners, love and affection towards the creation. The MYL UK sisters led the dhikr towards the end and it was truly heart-warming to see so many sisters repent and cry out of love of Allah Almighty.

Tanzeem Begum, Senior Vice President of MYLUK – S delivered a talk on Tauba (repentance) and the need to return to Allah Almighty. In addition to this, the retreat also consisted of quizzes for the participants, group exercises, collectively watching Shaykh-ul-Islam’s talk and reflecting upon it, and having private time for individual worship, the sisters were also encouraged to perform Tahajjud prayer.

The MYLUK - S Spiritual Retreat was officially concluded by closing words by Baji Saba Fatima, MWL President who discussed the importance of detaching oneself from worldly desires and attaching ourselves to the Allah Almighty which was followed by a Dua by MWL General Secretary, Baji Musarrat.

MYLUK - Sisters would like to extend their deepest gratitude to all those whom participated and helped make this retreat a great success, in particular to the MQI London centre management for accommodating and facilitating the retreat to the best possible.