MWL Tinsley celebrates the Birth of Prophet Muhammed ﷺ

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During this Blessed month we have held various Mawlid Mehfils. These Mehfils were organised by MWL Tinsley with participation from local individuals within the community. Some of the Sister's involved are as follows:


  • 1) Nouman Mustafa
  • 2) Sister Mariam Nazir, Sister Badar, Nusrat Khan and Sister Shiraza
  • 3) Sister Tahira and Sister Nasreen
  • 4) Sister Haleema, Fahreen Munir and Sister Munir
  • 5) Sister Imitiaz
  • 6) Sister Tazeem, Sister Afia and Sister Khalida
  • 7) Sister Shamsa Mirza and Aeysha Mirza
  • 8) Sister Nusrat Khan and Sardar Begum
  • 9) Sister Sughara, Sister Zaytun, Sister Rashida, Sister Khalida, Sister Kaneez and Sister Sughra
  • 10) Sister Mahruf and Sister Bilquis
  • 11) Sister Yasmin Khan, Mumtaz Begum, Rabiah Begum, Parveen Akhtar
  • 12) Sister Irshad


The Mehfils consisted of Sister Nasreen Akhtar (Dawah Sec) beginning by a Tilawat of The Holy Quran. This is then followed by Durood Sharif which is recited for around 30-40 minutes. The amount of Durood Sharif read is recorded and passed on at national level by the MWL Dawah secretary.

The MWL Tinsley Dawah Secretary reads a passage from The Holy Quran with the translation and then MWL Tinsley President Khalda Khan explains the passage in more detail.

Aeysha Mirza (MWL Tinsley General Secretary) invites children on to the stage to read Hamds, Naats and Manqabats. Some of these children are as follows: Zara, Bilal, Noor, Isa, Samia, Aqsa, Somia etc.

We conclude the Mehfil with Zikr which is led by Sister Abida Parveen (MWL Tinsley Welfare Secretary) with Salaam and Dua.

Sister Sajida (MWL Tinsley Finance Secretary) sets the table for food. The food compromises of various dishes which is catered for by the community itself and MWL Tinsley.

Everyone is thoroughly enjoying all the Mehfils that have took place so far and continue to do so.

It's been a challenge to cater for so many people each day but the team has been great in managing their responsibilities.

Everyone has appreciated the efforts of the team and most importantly played a part in the Celebrating the Birth of Prophet Muhammed ﷺ.

Reported by: Aayesha Khan (MWL Tinsley Media Secretary)
Edited by MWL UK Media Team