Minhaj Women League Sheffield arranged a female health workshop in their local area on 5th December. Mrs Shaida ul Haq managed to invite 60 ladies from ethnic minorities to create awareness on certain female health issues.

All praise to Allah SWT we have successfully been holding gatherings over a year now. Recently we changed the day from Monday to Thursday. We alternate the gatherings at different members’ homes and Alhamdullilah we have always at least 8-10 people every week and sometimes even more.

18th February 2015: The event started with Darood Shareef recitation. Then young girls from Sheffield read heart touching Naats, which was followed by the Sisters from MWL Sheffield reciting beautiful Naats.

Program:  Milad-un-Nabi SAW

Venue: Jamia Masjid, Bodmin Street, Sheffield

Date: Sunday 9th of February 2014

Stage Secretary: Sister Shahida Ulhaq (President of women’s league Sheffield)

Tilawah: Sister Saeeda Mubarak

Nasheeds: Sister Saeeda Mubarak

Speakers: Sister Zareena from France

Sister Tanzeem from Birmingham

Number of Attendees: 500

Organised by: Minhaj-ul-Quran Women’s league Sheffield

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