Halqa Durood Shareef held by MWL Sheffield


All praise to Allah SWT we have successfully been holding gatherings over a year now. Recently we changed the day from Monday to Thursday. We alternate the gatherings at different members’ homes and Alhamdullilah we have always at least 8-10 people every week and sometimes even more.


  • 2 Nawafal are prayed upon entering the gathering, these are read for blessings.
  • Silent recitation of Durood Shareef usually for an hour but this week it was recited for two hours, which is then counted and sent forward to Gausha e Darood, Minhaj ul Quran, Lahore every month.
  • Recitation of Irfan Ul Quran and its translation
  • Narration of 2 Hadeeth from Mihaj Us Sawwi
  • Ten minute lecture by His Eminence Shaykh Ul Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir Ul Qadri, in this gathering we listened to a speech on 'Qiyamat'- Judgement day.  This topic was initiated by enlightening listeners with the 'Rights of family members.'


An emotional Dua which was led by Sister Azra (life member of Minhaj Ul Quran)

Sister Aksar led the Dhikr of Allah SWT, all the sisters participated in this.  She also presented a beautiful melodious Salaam for our Beloved Prophet Peace and Blessings Upon them, all sisters joined in with this.