MWL Sheffield help raise money for Flood Victims at their local Church


By the Grace of Almighty Allah swt Sheffield MWL organised an Eid Bazaar to raise money for the flood victims at the local Church on the 20th of August 2015.

We used several means of advertisement for the event to ensure we had a good turnout.  An eye catching poster was designed by a youth sister and these were distributed in the local area.  The event was also shared via Face book and text messages. As a result the turnout was great.

There were a variety of stalls including food such as samosas, kebabs, chaat, biryani to Gluten free cakes.

The stalls were ran by generous friends and family members, clothing and oriental jewellery were also popular amongst the customers.

To cater for the younger customers there was a bouncy Castle, Mehndi art, glitter tattoos and face painting.

All Praise to Allah we managed to raise £641.56.

Sheffield MWL did an excellent job for their first ever Fundraiser, congratulations ladies.