Minhaj Women League Oldham held holds Syeda Zainab (A.S.) Conference

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To open the Conference Sister Sobia Shahzad MWL General Secretary acted as the stage secretary for the event, she invited Sister Basmah Ali Qadri to recite Surah Naas (The Mankind) beautifully.  Then Hamd-e- Baari TAllah was recited by Sister Farzana Niaz Qadri in praise of the Almighty One.

Sister Aysha Batool recited a Naat in Honour of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Peace and Blessings Upon Him.

A Manqabat was recited in the memory of Imam Hussain Alaihisalaam recited by all the sisters in his Honour.

The Speech in Urdu was delivered by and Sister Farzana Niaz Qadri MWL Oldham Dawah Secretary, she spoke about the pure character and life of Syeda Zainab Alaihisalaam and about her woeful experiences at Karbala, which she endured with dignity and sincere patience in the name of Islam.  It is due to the sacrifices of Imam Hussain Alaihisalaam's life and other Beloved Family Members witnessed by the Esteemed Syeda that Islam is resurrected after every Karbala.

Sister Tayyibah Ali Qadri contibued to speak about the tragic events that took place with a focus on Imam Hussain Alaihisalaam in Karbala.  The speeches were very emotional and left no sisters eyes dry.

At the closing of the event Salaam was read by Sister Rukhsana Sabri and the heart touching Dua was made by sister Farzana Niaz Qadri MWL Oldham Dawah Secretary.  Packed food was distributed to all the Sisters.

The attendance for this event was about 250/300, which was a great turnout.

Reported by Tania Shamim MWL Oldham Media Secretary
Edited by Ehram Fatima MWL North Zone Media Secretary
Edited by MWL Media Team