MQI Nelson's Naat Competition & Monthly Giyarvee Shareef Mehfil for students

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On Friday 25th April 2014, Jamia Masjid Minhaj-ul-Quran, Nelson held a Naat Competition and Monthly Giyarvee Shareef mehfil for young female students who attend the education centre. The competition was a great success, with students from all the female classes participating. Winners were also chosen from each class to ensure fairness in age and ability.

The programme began with recitation of the Holy Quran by Nida Ajaz. This was followed by Qaseedah Burdah Shareef, which was read by all the students in a collective group. Hamd was read by senior students, Hasana Mirza, Nimrah Khan and Alisha Ahmed, who recited the popular Hamd “Hasbi Rabbi Jallallah”. There was also a special naat performance from Atiyah Parveen, who was a guest and also a former student at the event.

The Naat competition began with students from the senior class participating first. There were wonderful performances from:


  • Nida Ajaz
  • Nimra Khan
  • Saddiqa Ahmed
  • Salihah Anjum
  • Tooba Bilal
  • Alisha Ahmed and Jasmine Ahmed.


This was followed by performances from Fatima Class. There were three participants from the class:


  • Iram Khan
  • Ayman Ahmed
  • Sabrina Kosaco


The third Class to participate in the competition was Aisha Class which was also the most keen with the highest number of participant. There were beautiful recitations from all the students including:


  • Amina Ahmed
  • Samar Basharat
  • Iqra Noor
  • Fatima Rehman
  • Alisha Hssain
  • Irtaqa Mehmood
  • Heera Naveed
  • Zainab Iftikhar
  • Anam Ahmed
  • Maryam Ajaz


The final class that took part was the youngest students from Amina Class. There were performances from:


  • Halima Hussain
  • Aaila Zobia Nawaz
  • Laiba Latif
  • Halima Riaz
  • Naveera Ayub
  • Meerab Ajaz


There was also a naat from Zara Shah, who had recently returned from a blessed trip to Saudi Arabia, where she performed Umrah. She was gifted a beautiful green scarf by a senior teacher, Anbreen Afzal, and was also congratulated on making such a great and auspicious pilgrimage.

The competition was concluded, and it was left to the judges to decide the winners. There were four judges in total, Afshan Bano, Nazia Shaheen, Sana Fiaz, the special guest, and Tahira Basharat, all worked together to decide the winners.

There was a short prize giving ceremony in which the winners were announced, and the certificates were presented by sister Sana Fiaz and sister Maryam Bibi.

The winners from Khadijah Class were:


  • Nida Ajaz who won 3rd place
  • Salihah Anjum who won 2nd place
  • Alisha Ahmed & Jasmin Ahmed who won 1st place


The winners from Fatimah Class were:


  • Iram Khan who achieved the 3rd Position
  • Ayman Ahmed who achieved the 2nd Position
  • Sabrina Kosaco who achieved the 1st Position


The winners from Aisha Class were:


  • Fatima Rehman who recieved 1st place
  • Irtaqa Mehmood who received 2nd place
  • Anam Ahmed who received 3rd place.


The winners from Amina Class were:


  • Halima Hussain who won 3rd place
  • Laiba Latif who won 2nd place
  • Naveera Ayub who won 1st place


The mehfil was concluded with Salaat o Salaam by Atiyah Parveen and Tooba Bilal, and Khatam Shareef by Hasana Mirza and Nimra Khan.  The dua was done by a senior student, Alisha Ahmed, who prayed for the well-being of everyone and the success of all the students.

The final words came from Tahir Basharat, who thanked the guests for coming and congratulated the students on their performances, and gave words of encouragement and advice to them to continue working hard to improve their performances. Everyone was also given goody bags with refreshments in them at the end of the event.

Reported by: Tahira Basharat and Naushaza Fiaz