Jamia Masjid Minhaj-ul-Quran (Nelson) holds a Parents Evening

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On Friday 4th October 2013, Jamia Masjid Minhaj-ul-Quran held a parents evening for the young children who attend the education centre. The evening was organised to inform parents of their children’s progress over the last year. It was also to reward the children for their success in the recent examinations they had taken.

There were approximately 80 students who sat the exams, which were taken throughout the week, from 23rd September 2013 to 27th September 2013. Students had exams in Quran, Tajweed, Urdu, Islamic Beliefs Duas and Kalimahs. Some were oral exams, whilst some were tested with written exam papers. The levels of the exams were adjusted to suit the varying academic levels of all the classes. At the end of the exams, report cards were produced which recorded the results of each child and a brief overview of the children’s behaviour, attendance and effort in the classroom.

The evening began with recitation of the Holy Quran which was done by Nida Ajaz. She beautifully recited Surah Al- Qariah. This was followed by Qaseedah Burdah Sharif, which was done in a group by, Salihah Anjum, Tooba Bilal and Atiyah Parveen. There was then a short Naat of the Holy Prophet (SAW) by sisters Jasmine Ahmed and Alisha Ahmed.

Keeping in line with the daily routine of the Mosque, everyone prayed Asr Salah with Jamaat. This was promptly followed by the prize giving ceremony. There were three categories of gifts given to the children. The first was for the results achieved by the students in their exams, the second was for the girls who attended the Giyarvee Sharif mehfil, which was held at the mosque on a weekend. The final set of gifts was for students who regularly behave well in class and were chosen by their class teachers. The gifts were divided amongst each class. There are four classes, Amina Class (Playgroup), Aishah Class, Fatimah Class and Khadijah Class. There were gifts for students who attained first, second and third position.

In Amina Class (playgroup class) there are two groups. The winners in the first Playgroup class were:

  • 1st position: Noor Fatimah Mirza
  • 2nd position: Zainab Muhammad
  • 3rd position: Irtaqa Mehmood

In the second playgroup class the winners were:

  • 1st position: Adawiyah Fiaz
  • 2nd position: Aleena Ahmed
  • 3rd position: Laiba Latif

The winners in Aishah Class were:

  • 1st position: Laiba Khan
  • 2nd position: Iram Khan
  • 3rd position: Fatima Ali, Ayman Ahmed and Amina Ahmed

The winners in Fatima Class were:

  • 1st position: Salihah Anjum
  • 2nd position: Saddiqa Ahmed
  • 3rd position: Afreen Ali and Laiba Ahmed

The winners in Khadija class were:

  • 1st position: Nimrah Khan
  • 2nd position: Ismah Mehmood
  • 3rd position: Hasana Mirza

After this the fourteen students who attended the ladies Giyarvee Sharif Mehfil were also awarded presents. The winners were:

  • 1. Samar Basharat
  • 2. Amina Basharat
  • 3. Nida Ajaz
  • 4. Mariam Ajaz
  • 5. Ayman Ajaz
  • 6. Meerab Ajaz
  • 7. Maheen Anjum
  • 8. Salihah Anjum
  • 9. Tooba Bilal
  • 10. Maariya  Bilal
  • 11. Nimrah Khan
  • 12. Ammarah Sajjad
  • 13. Fatima Ali
  • 14. Zahra  Ali

A student from each class was also selected and rewarded for their good behaviour. The playgroup class winners were Bismah Khanum and Maheen Anjum. The winner in Aishah Class was Fatima Rehman. The Fatima Class winner was Maryam Ahmed and the Khadija Class winner was Madiya Hussain and Alisha Ahmed.

Nimra Khan then made a short Dua, and then all the parents were sent to their children’s teachers for a brief meeting. In the individual meetings parents were given the report cards that had been prepared, and were also given the opportunity to discuss the progress of their children, and also any concerns or issues that may have arisen over the year.

Finally everyone was served refreshments and thanked by the Head Teacher Sister Tahira Basharat for coming to the event, and also for showing an interest in their children’s educational upbringing. The parents also showed their appreciation to the teachers for organising the event.

Report by: Naushaza Fiaz & Tahira Basharat (Nelson)