On the 21st of October MWL Halifax held a Sayyeda Zainab Alaihisalaam Conference at the Minhaj library, Halifax.

All the Sisters recited Darood Sharif for half of the first half hour.  The programme was hosted by Sister Nahid Shahid MWL Halifax President she quoted Hadith regarding the lives of the Ahle Bayt Alaihisalaam.  She also read poetry on the significance of the great sacrifices made by the Ahle Bayt. She also spoke about the reward of the compulsory act of working to spread the message of Islam.

On the 19th of October 2015, MWL Halifax Women's League held their first Muharram Mehfil. The Mehfil was held and hosted by Sister Robina Saghir (MWL Halifax Dawah Secretary) at the MWL Library on Gibbet Street, Halifax.

MWL Halifax arranged 9 Halaqat e Darood and Halaqat e Rajab in the past 2 weeks.

First Halqa was central base which was held on Monday 1 June 2015.

30 ladies participated in the programme.

Programme started with Tilawat e Quran by Sister Rihana (MWL Halifax finance secretary).

On Monday the 22nd June, the first Monday of the blessed Holy month of Ramadhan Shareef, a Zikr Mehfil was held at the Minhaj Woman’s League Halifax centre where we all gathered to recite Quran e Paak to send collective blessings and Duas for for those who lost their lives in Shuhda Model Town, Lahore a year ago.

On the 7th September MWL Halifax held a Halqaat e darood Mehfil at the usual location, the MWL Halifax centre. Once all the ladies had gathered, we began to read darood Sharief and Alhamdulillah we managed to accumulate a total of 5700.

On the 29th of June, MWL Halifax organised a Welfare event at the Hanson Lane, Ghause Dars.  Sister Shahida Ul Haq (MWL North Welfare Secretary) from Sheffield was the key guest speaker and the audience was honoured to be in the presence of Sister Shahida.

By the Grace of Allah Almighty and blessings of The Holy Prophet Mohammed (SAW) Minhaj Women League - UK (MWL-UK) organized a One day Irfan ul Quran Course for the Ladies from over 6 towns from the North. The Local MWL Responsible from Halifax hosted this one day educational Course on 23rd May 2015 at Beech Hill Junior and Infant school in Halifax, where more than 100 women and youth participated from all walks of life. The objective of this course was to develop a compassion for The Holy Quran, developing the ability of reciting The Holy Quran with correct pronunciation and ensuring the true link of a Muslim with The Holy Quran.

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