MWL Burnley held a Women's Cancer Awareness Workshop

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On 4th February 2017, Minhaj Women League Burnley held a workshop about cancer screening at a local community centre from 1-3pm. The aim of the event was to raise awareness about cancer and importance of cancer screening.

The workshop began with recitation of Holy Quran followed by Durood Shareef on the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.).

The workshop was presented by sister Saiqa Shaheen in English and by Sister Naseem Hussain in Urdu. They talked about the average statistics of cancer in the UK and Burnley, and the factors that cause and increase your chance of getting this deadly disease. They also explained the different types of cancer and their signs and symptoms followed by their available screenings. They explained that it is important to go for screenings as it helps you to detect any type of cancer and helps the doctors to treat it as early as possible.

The workshop included questions and answers and it was an interactive session which was very interesting and informative. The event was very successful and had a good turnout. Good feedback was given from those who attended and participated and expressed their willingness to attend such workshops in the future.

By Aaiza Iqbal (Media Secretary, Burnley)
(Media Secretery MWL Burnley)