MWL Burnley hold Peace workshop

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On Sunday 5 June, Minhaj-ul-Quran Women league (Burnley) held a peace workshop at Burnley Boys Club. This event was organised to bring the community together, in understanding the causes of radicalisation and how to counter these using the literature provided by renowned scholar, Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, especially his Islamic curriculum on peace and counter- terrorism.

Ehram Fatima hosted the event and introduced each speaker.  To commence and bless the event Falaq Qadri recited the Opening Passage from the Glorious Quran with English translation.

The event continued with the guest speaker, Dr Zahid Iqbal (MQI) Peace Education Programme). He gave a comprehensive speech on how to counteract terrorism. Dr Zahid Iqbal began his session with questions and answers. an interactive environment allowed the audience time to reflect on what they felt about the issues relating to terrorism.

Rafiq Ahmed, head interfaith (MQI), took to the stage to deliver an interactive and engaging presentation on the misconceptions around the concept of ‘Jihad’, and to shed light upon the true teachings of peace as taught by Prophet Muhammad PBUH and the Holy Quran. Other guest speakers included Mateen Kamal Udeen, Prevent Officer (Blackburn) and Julie Cooper MP for Burnley, who both shared their thoughts on the subject.

The event achieved its objective of educating the audience on the misconceptions surrounding the word ‘Jihad’. A valuable insight was also gained into the possible solutions of radicalisations.

Reported by Nahid Kosur MWL Burnley Media Secretary