Minhaj Women League Burnley hold Halqa e Muharram Mehfil

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From the 25th of October 2015, MWL Burnley Tanzeem held consecutive Muharram mehfils. These were attended by twenty three Sisters.
The Mehfil began with melodious recitation of The Holy Quran by Sister Aaiza Iqbal (Youth League Burnley).

This was followed by heart touching Manqabats remembering the sacrifices Of Hazrat Imam Hussain (Alaihissalam) and his family and companions, these were recited by Sister Aaiza and Sister Rabbia Iqbal and other local sisters.

Beautiful Naats were recited by many sisters including Sister Zahida Iqbal and Sister Humaira  Tasneem sending Praise upon Our Beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Upon Him in the blessed gathering.

The Mehfils then concluded with a DVD clip shown from ‘Azmat o Falsafa e Shahadat Imam Hussain (Alaihissalam)’ by his Eminence Shaykh Ul Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir Ul Qadri. The speech touched the hearts of the Sisters as they listened to the emotional and tragic events that unfolded during the days of Karbala. The honour and sacrifice of Imam Hussain (Alaihissalam ) shall never be forgotten.

The grandson of The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) rose against tyranny and oppression to reject the rule of corruption and falsehood forced on the nation by the evil dictator Yazeed. It was a battle of good against evil. In an unequal balance of power, Hazrat Imam Hussain (Alaihissalam) the leader of the oppressed refused to bend to a tyrant ruler; thus sacrificing his soul and the souls of his sons, brothers, relatives and brave companions for Islam. And today they are the eternal Martyrs of pride, dignity, freedom and justice.

Many non-Muslims have also paid tribute to Hazrat Imam Hussain (Alaihissalam).

This is a quote by Charles Dickens: “If Hussain had fought to quench his worldly desires, then I do not understand why his sister, wife and children accompanied him. It stands to reason therefore, that he sacrificed purely for Islam.”

Greeting and Salutations were recited upon The Beloved Prophet Peace and Blessing Upon Him. Finally the Dua was made, followed by food being served to all sisters.

Reported by Nahid Burnley Media Secretary Burnley
Edited by Ehram Fatima North Zone Media Secretary