Minhaj Women’s League (Walsall) holds 1st Annual Giyarvee Sharif Mehfil

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On Sunday 3rd November, Minhaj Women’s League (Walsall) held there 1st Giyarvee Sharif Mehfil. The mehfil was introduced with recitation, from the Glorious Quran by Sister Tehreem, and heartfelt Hamd by Sister Aleena.

The Mehfil continued with beautiful Naat Sharif, praising the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.), which was recited by Sister Zeban. This was followed by a Manqabat, explaining the tragedy of karbala by Sister Tehreem and the young students of the Mosque.

The importance of the Giyarvee Sharif Mehfil was explained by Sister Seema (President WLW.

Dawah & Tarbiah Secretary (MWL UK) Sister Rozina Nawaz, attended in person to specially deliver the speech on the fundamentals of Dawah & Tarbiah.  Which enlightened the audience on Minhaj Dawah Projects, and how they are developing within the UK.

Sister Razia Bibi (Welfare Secretary) emotionally explained further about the requirements of the needy and poor through the light of Minhaj Welfare Projects. She also mentioned how we can involve ourselves in these projects.

Muharram was the main focal point of the Giyarvee Sharif Mehfil, The tragedies were explained in detail with specific highlights on Shahadat Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA), by Baji Mussarat Hussain (MWL UK General Secretary).

The Giyarvee Sharif Mehfil was concluded with Salaam by all, and Dua by Baji Mussarat Hussain. Food and drink was provided and served to all who attended.

The Giyarvee Sharif Mehfil was very informative, and conducted with a good spiritual atmosphere, and enjoyed by all.

Report by: MWL Walsall