New Year’s Dhikr 2017 held by MWL Walsall

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Saturday 31st December 2016: Minhaj-ul- Quran Women League Walsall Welcomed the New Year with the remembrance of Allah and His Beloved Prophet (saw).

On New Year’s Eve, MWL Walsall held a New Year’s Dhikr. To begin with, participants took part in a group activity on reflection and contemplation, they were given a series of questions which they answered allowing them to reflect on the previous year and discuss how they could improve in the future. Such as what is your purpose of your life? What are your goals? And what have you done this year that you are proud of? Following this, the attendees then wrote down their new year’s resolution, which were sealed in a box and will be opened the following year. The activities allowed participants to contemplate and reflect on how they spent the year and make the intention of making positive changes in their lives.

Following the activities, the Dhikr gathering began with the recitation of the Holy Quran, By Sister Lubna (MWL Midlands President). Sister Faria and Sister Qudsia recited the naat of the Holy Prophet (saw), which touched the hearts of everyone present. Sister Zahra Hussain (MWL Walsall Dawah Secretary) then delivered a very engaging talk on the topic of Dhikr. She discussed how the act of Dhikr is a journey- which begins with the remembrance of Allah, then progressing to the stage of remembering Allah in such a manner that all else is forgotten, and then reaching the stage of remembering Allah to the extent that the own self is forgotten. Zahra then discussed the merits of the remembrance of Allah and how Allah remembers those who remember Him. The lecture of Shaykh-Ul-Islam Dr Muhammed Tahir-Ul-Qadri, on the topic of repentance, was played. This was very uplifting and gave a very important message.

The night ended with a spiritually uplifting dhikr and emotional dua. All those who had attended expressed a spiritual uplift and a newly awakened motivation to please Allah within the coming year.