Zikr e Rasool (PBUH) Mawlid event by MWL Walsall

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Sunday 4th December 2016: Let's take ourselves back to the time of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S), to the time when Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) completed the building of the Kabah and proclaimed to Allah: " Oh Allah I ask for that Noor which you showed us, that Noor that we brought faith in to, that Noor that we bore witness to, Oh Allah I ask nothing more than that Noor of Muhammad PBUH come from my offspring.”

All those who attended the Zikr E Rasool PBUH Mawlid event within Walsall were taken back to such a time. The audience were taken on a journey from the dua of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S), to the marriage of Hazrat Abdullah with Hazrat Amina, informed of the unseen voices which guided Hazrat Amina through her graceful pregnancy and labour, and told the miraculous story of the time that the young Prophet Muhammad PBUH spent with his mother and wet Nurse Hazrat Halima.

The beautiful story of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, which was narrated by Sister Yasmin Hussain, President Women League Walsall, was brought to life with the daff and naat of Minhaj Naat Council, Derby, who touched the hearts of all those present with their melodious voices and lyrics. Their careful selection of naat were intertwined with the story, depicting the journey for the audience from start to finish. Sister Rani (Minhaj Sisters) and Sister Noor Fatima also uplifted the gathering with their beautiful recitation of naat.

For the Urdu speaking audience that were present, Sister Mussarat Hussain, Vice President, Minhaj Ul Quran Women League UK, gave the audience a glimpse of the miraculous events which took place from the moment in which Hazrat Halima (R.A) set eyes upon the blessed face of baby Muhammad PBUH to the time they reached their home within the esteemed village of Banu Saad.

Special mention needs to be given to Sister Asia who opened the event with her beautiful and heart touching Qirat of the Quran and Hamd upon Allah.

The Mawlid event within Walsall was a unique event which took a brand new approach to the celebration of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, ensuring that each and every person left with a glimpse in to the early life of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

" Hazrat Halima moved forward to see a green blanket in which a baby boy lay wrapped in pure white clothing. The scent of musk fragranced the room. Hazrat Halima's heart was stolen. Never before had she seen such a child and never before had she smelt such a fragrance. "

Audience feedback


  • "Loved the content and the flow. The best so far." Sanya Ahmed, 23, Regional Manager ABA
  • "Successful, superbly managed and spiritual. The story was narrated in a beautiful way which engaged the audience." Arzoo Manshad, 21, Undergraduate BSc Mathematics
  • "A very good informative event with some light to it." Zull- e- huma Nadra Janjua, 42, Dental Hygiene Therapist.
  • "A programme that brought together different generations to celebrate ONE amazing being." Nazia Rehman, 40,  Primary school Teacher.