Feed the hungry is an initiative formed by Birmingham Muslim youth league sisters (MYL-S). It takes place every year in the blessed month of Ramadhan and aims to provide free food for the homeless and hungry.

On Thursday 22nd October 2015 a Halqa e Durood sharif and Muharram gathering was held at sister Shanaz's house in Smethwick. We started off with the Tilawat of The Holy Quran.

On the 18th October, Minhaj ul Quran Women’s League (Alum Rock) had organised a special Muhurram programme. The gathering commenced by the recitation of The Glorious Quran which was done wonderfully by Sister Zahra. Soon after Qasida Burda Shareef was recited beautifully by Sister Maria and Manqabats were read nicely in the praise of Imam Hussain (RA) by Sister Habiba and Sister Tabassum.

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