MWL Birmingham celebrate Mawlid Un Nabi ﷺ

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On the 4th of December 2016 the Minhaj Women League of Alum Rock and Hodgehill celebrated the Mawlid Un Nabi PBUH, with the will of Allah SWT and the blessing of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH at the Minhaj Ul Quran centre in Alum Rock Birmingham.

As most Muslims know that the month of Rabi Ul Aawal is the 3rd month in the Islamic calendar, Prophet Muhammad PBUH was born on the 12th of Rabi Ul Awwal , this is the month when most Muslims will celebrate the Mawlid. This is an exciting time of the year where celebrations take place to show our love joy and happiness for our Prophet PBUH.

The hall was lit up with various beautiful lights and other decorative pieces too. The Mehfil started with everyone sending Blessings on the Prophet PBUH collectively.  The atmosphere was amazing.  Everyone was dressed up for this wonderful occasion.

This gathering was hosted by Rabia Khanam (MWL President of Alum Rock Birmingham) who invited Sadia Ashraf to recite verses from the glorious Quran to bless this gathering.  This was followed by many sisters taking part in reciting Naats. Lots of small messages were said from the Hodgehill team including Sister Asia, Sister Mukhtar and Sister Shamime.  These messages were short but very powerful teaching us about the love of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Our girls group called Pearls of Medina came in dressed beautifully in white and blue scarfs and recited Naats with such zeal, love and passion. One of the young girls named Maleeqa gave the audience a speech in English.

Sister Rehana Ishtiaq MWL (Alum Rock Birmingham) gave a wonderful speech in English and spoke to the young audience like a loving mother. Sister Rehana spoke about how young girls used to be buried alive before the prophet PBUH entered this world.  She also spoke about miraculous and blessed events that took place before and after the birth of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Sister Rukhsana Parveen MWL (Dawah & Tarbiyah Sec of Midlands) spoke briefly about education and how we all need to take a step forward into the future by educating ourselves. Sister Noshaza Hussain MWL (General Secretary of Midlands) thanked and congratulated everyone including both branches Alum Rock and Hodgehill for their wonderful hospitality and for hosting a great Mawlid.

Sister Nasreen Akhter (MWL president of North Zone) was our guest speaker for this gathering and was given a warm welcome with a bouquet of flowers, Sister Nasreen is a wonderful lady who spoke with passion about our prophet Muhammad PBUH. Sister Nasreen spoke about how the Awliyah, saint, Saudis, people from north to south and east to west, the angles and on top of all Allah himself celebrated Mawlid, so why shouldn’t we celebrate it as well, as Prophet Muhammad PBUH was a mercy to mankind. Sister Nasreen spoke about how Prophet’s uncle Abu Lahub who was a non-Muslim but freed a slave upon hearing the birth of his nephew Muhammad PBUH and for this reason alone his punishment In the grave decreases on the Monday which the day Prophet PBUH was born. Sister Nasreen spoke about how we will be questioned in the grave and our love for the Prophet Muhammad PBUH will be question but there will be certain numbers of people when questioned about our Prophet, the Prophet PBUH will say send these people to paradise because they have more love in their hearts then their children and parents. Prophet Muhammad PBUH knows how much love we have for him.

This gathering was concluded with a wonderful and emotional duaa (Pray) by sister Abida Mughal (MWL Welfare Secretary of Alum Rock Birmingham) and salawat by Sister Gulshan E Fatima ( MWL Welfare Secretary of Midlands), containers of food were distributed to the audience on their way out.

Reported by: Shaheen Akhter Minhaj Women League (Media Secretary of Alum Rock Birmingham UK)