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Jashn-e-Azadi (Pakistan’s Independence Day) celebrated by MWL Alum Rock

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Alhamdulillah by the grace of Allah Subhan Wa Ta’ala and His Messenger; Prophet Muhammad ﷺ‎, another beautiful and blessed gathering to celebrate Jashn-e-Azadi (Pakistan’s Independence Day) was held on the 14th August 2016 by the women league of Alum Rock at the Minhaj Ul Quran Centre, Birmingham.

By the will of Allah, the program was hosted by Rabia Khanam MWL Alum Rock, Birmingham President. The young Hiba was invited to do a beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran.  The Nasheed group 'Pearls of Minhaj' were invited to come along and participate in the Pakistan’s Independence Day celebrations, these young girls were dressed in the colours of the Pakistan flag.  They recited a beautiful naat and delivered a small messages to the audience about Pakistan. The young group also sang Pakistan’s national anthem.

Sister Shaheen Akhter MWL Alum Rock Media Secretary delivered an English speech on Pakistan’s Independence Day. She spoke about how Qaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah fought for our own Independent Islamic state. Qaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah made this possible on the 14th of August 1947 and announced it on the 15th of august 1947, which happened to be the last Friday of Ramadan, which we call Jummah Ul Widha. He asked everyone to come together on this day at the mosques and pray together to Thank Allah Almighty for this happiness as Pakistan had emerged on the world map. This day is one for all Pakistanis around the world to celebrate and be proud of.

Sister Rukhsana Parveen delivered a beautiful speech in Urdu about Jashn-e-Azadi day, she spoke about the struggle Muhammad Ali Jinnah went through to gain Pakistan’s Independence and how Shaykh Ul Islam Dr Muhammad Qadri’s current struggle for a better Pakistan for all. Sister Rukhsana read some poetry from one of the Minhaj magazines, which took the audience back to the Long March 2014, in Pakistan.  She also asked everyone for their support in the coming protests in Pakistan on the 20th of August 2016.

This program was concluded with a beautiful dua for a better Pakistan by sister Rabia Khanam MWL Alum Rock President and salutations on our Beloved Prophet ﷺ‎ were recited by the whole gathering.  A Pakistan themed cake was cut by Sister Shaheen Akhter and distributed to everyone.

Reported by Shaheen Akhter Minhaj Women League Alum Rock Birmingham Media Secretary.
Edited by MWL UK Media Team.

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