MWL Birmingham reflect on Ramadan

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The monthly gathering at the Minhaj-ul-Quran centre was held on 5 June 2016, which was hosted by Shazia Parveen MWL (General Secretary of Alum Rock, Birmingham) and verses of the Holy Quran were recited by young Shahmir Sultan. This was followed by a few sisters including, Sister Siama and Sister Shaheen Akhter MWL (Media Secretary of Alum Rock, Birmingham) who read naats and nasheeds. A Young girls group called Noor-ul-Islam and Pearls of Minhaj read naats and enlightened the audience with some short Hadiths.

Sister Shazia invited all the participants to also attend the Halqats and Salat Tasbee on Friday mornings during Ramadhan, to gain more knowledge and blessing in this spiritual Holy month.

Sister Musarat MWL (General Secretary of UK) from Walsall gave a beautiful speech in Urdu about Ramadan, and how Ramadan is compulsory on every Muslim as fasting is one of the pillars of Islam. Sister Musarat mentioned a hadith, where the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW was walking up on the pulpit and said Ameen three times. Angle Jabril AS had said “he is doomed who hears your name and does not send peace and blessing on you”. Then Angel Jabril AS said “he is doomed who sees Ramadan come and go, but he has not been forgiven. Finally, Angel Jabril AS said “he is doomed who has one or both parents alive but does not honour them.” The Prophet SAW replied with ‘Ameen’ to all of the three statements.

In the month of Ramadan, we should ask Allah SWT for forgiveness continuously. The Holy Prophet SAW used to cry for six months in advance for the month of Ramadan to come, and six months after for our duas to be accepted. The Holy Prophet Saw used to fast as often as he could in the month of Shabban which leads up to Ramadan. The Prophet SAW also said there is a door that leads to Jannat called Al Rayyaan for those who fast in the month of Ramadan. Sister Musarat also spoke about joining a Tajweed class to gain greater rewards when reciting the Holy Quran.

Sister Rabia Khanam, MWL (President of Alum Rock, Birmingham) led a session of Dhikr, whih was followed by Sister Abida Mughal MWL (Welfare Secretary of Alum Rock, Birmingham) with her emotional duaa and concluded the programme with salaam.

Reported by Shaheen Akhter Minhaj Women League (Media Secretary of Alum Rock, Birmingham UK)