MWL Tinsley organise Summer outing

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Sister Khalida Khan (MWL Tinsley President) organised a trip to Whitby for the summer holidays.

It was requested by the regular attendees of halqa-e-durood.

A 50 seater coach was booked for the trip and it left from the Tinsley Islamic Centre ‪at 9am‬.‬

It was a 2 hour journey but the route was very scenic and everyone enjoyed the natural beauty.

People brought food along with them including; sandwiches, pizzas and snacks which were all shared amongst each other.

On route we made a quick stop for a tea break.

We eventually reached Whitby at around 12 and headed for the beach. The weather was amazing, the sun was out and there was a fresh sea breeze.

Whitby is a very historical town with lots to do and see. Apart from sitting at the beach many explored Whitby's cobbled streets and the local Church and Abbey. The women and children were intrigued by the sights in the town and learnt about the history too through exploring the town.

There was also a Halqa e Durood carried out on the beach which everyone really enjoyed due to the relaxing atmosphere. This was an original idea and bought a change of scenery to the usual Halqa e Durood which is carried out in the mosque. The children also had fun playing in the sand and paddling in the sea.

It was a great day out and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.

Reported by:
Sister Aayesha - MWL Tinsley Media Secretary 
Edited by MWL UK Media Team