Monthly mehfil e Zikr Naat, Giyarvi Shareef Mehfil held by MWL Walsall

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With the Blessings of Allah Almighty and His Beloved Prophet (SAW) Minhaj Women League Walsall held monthly mehfil e Zikr Naat, Giyarvi Shareef Mehfil, at Minhaj ul Quran Walsall.

Programme: Monthly Mehfil e Zikr o Naat
Venue:  MQI Walsall
Date: 6th December 2015
Stage Sec:   Sister Wajida Naheed
Tilawah: Sister Saika Azhar
Nasheeds: Sr Lubna, Sr Aleena, Sister Rani
Urdu Speaker : Sister  Shahnaz Fareed
Eng Speaker : Sister Aleena Munir (Area Exective of Muslim Youth League)
No of attendees : 35
Organised by : Minhaj Ul Quran Women League Walsall

The proceeding of the programme began with the recitation of The Holy Quran. Hamd, Naats and manqabat were offered by many sisters.

Sister Aleena Munir delivered an English Speech on "The love of the companions for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)”, throughout her speech Sister Aleena mentioned several Hadiths on the love of the companions for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). She advised the audience that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the role model for us and we should spend time reading about his life, his relationship with wives, daughters, children and neighbours.

Sister Shahnaz Fareed delivered a short but meaningful speech on misconception about the month of Safar. She beautifully reminded us that our Deen is Islam which guides us about each and every aspect of life. The misconceptions about month of Safar based upon the poor knowledge of Islam. Sister Shahnaz mentioned a few Hadiths and what The Quran says about Islamic months.

Sister Wajida Naheed (MWL Walsall, Deputy Welfare Sec) highlighted the Minhaj Welfare Project  ”Water For All" ,she appealed to the audience to help in building clean water facilities for marginalised communities in Asia and Africa.

Sister Rani (MWL Walsall President Walsall) thanked all the audience for their participation and support.

Mehfil concluded with Dua and Salaam.

Reported by: Lubna Hashmi MWL Walsall General Sec, Walsall UK
Edited by MWL UK Media Team