Halaqa Durood Mehfils held in homes by MWL (Alum Rock) Birmingham


28th November:
Many many congratulation to Sister Nazmeen who started a new Halaqa Durood Shareef Mehfil on the 28th of November 2015 where Masha Allah 70,000 Durood-e-Paak was recited by her family and friends. Sister Nazmeen did Tilawat-e-Quran-e-Majeed, recited a Hadith and read from Irfan-ul-Quran and concluded the Mehfil with Dua and Salaam. This Halaqa's commencement was initiated by Sister Rukhsana Iqbal MWL (Dawah Assistant of Alum Rock Birmingham).

30th November:
Many congratulations to Sister Rashida who commenced a new Halaqa Durood Shareef Mehfil which will be held monthly at her house in Alum Rock Birmingham with the will of Allah Subhana WaTala and the Waseela of Prophet Muhammed PBUH.

This mehfil was held on the 30th of November 2015 with the assistant of Sister Rukhsana Iqbal MWL (Dawah Assistant of Alum Rock Birmingham). Sister Rashida did Tilawat-e-Quran-e-Majeed, read a Hadith and recited from Irfan-ul-Quran and concluded the Mehfil with Dua and Salaam.

30th November: 
There was a weekly Halqa at Sister Rukhsana Begum’s house in Yardley (Membership Secretary MWL Alum Rock Bham), where Durood Paak is recited in silence for about 20 minutes then a beautiful recitation from The Holy Quran and Naat by Sister Aisha. CD was played Ekhlaq aur Khulk-e-Muhammadi ki Haqiqat by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammed Tahir-ul-Qadri as a message to the attendees, concluded with Zikr and Dua by Sister Rukhsana Begum.

2nd December:
A new monthly Halaqa Durood was opened in Sister Khastha Parveen’s house on the 2nd of December 2015, in the Ward End area of Birmingham. Firstly, Durood Paak was recited in silence and then the Mehfil began with Tilawat by Sister Azbah who then went on to read excerpts from the ‘Irfan-ul-Quran’ with translation.

Sister Yasmeen recited a beautiful Naat, followed by Sister Shazia who read a Hadith from the book ‘Minhaj-ul- Sawi’. Allah bless Sister Khastha and her family, who have opened this new Halaqa Durood, with health and baraqaat.

Sister Yasmeen asked everyone to join in Zikr with her and concluded the Mehfil with Dua and lastly, Sister Khalida led everyone in Salaam. This Halaqa was initiated with the support of sister Rukhsana Iqbal MWL (Dawah Assistant of Alum Rock Birmingham).

2nd December:
Another weekly durood paak mehfil took place on the 2nd of December 2015, at Sister Gulshan-e-Fatima’s house MWL (President of Midlands), with the will of Allah Subhan WaTala and the waseela of Prophet Muhammed (SAW). 20 minutes of silent durood paak was recited followed by tilawat, which was done by Sister Naryaar Nisa and Naat shreef by Sister Fatima. A CD was played (Fikr-e-Akhairat Aur Allamat Qiyaamat) in which Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammed Tahir-ul-Qadri talks about how qiyaamat is very close, and some of the signs of judgement day are already happening; such as oppressive leaders who do not care about their people and children who don’t listen to parents anymore. The Cd will continue next week. Zikr was done by Sister Gulshan-e-Fatima and mehfil ended with dua and salaam by Sister Shamim followed by tabarak.

3rd December:
Another weekly Durood Paak Mehfil was help on the 3rd of December of 2015, at Sister Rukhsana Iqbal’s house MWL (Dawah Secretary Assistant) in which first 20 minutes silent Durood Paak was recited, Tilawat was recited by Sister Tazeem and Naat Shareef by Sister Shakeela. Then excerpts from the Irfan-ul-Quran, namely ‘Majalis –e-sunnan’ was read out by Sister Rukhsana Iqbal. Also a DVD was played (Jawani mein Taubah ki Fazeelat) by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammed-ul-Qadri who talks about how Allah Subhan WaTala loves people who ask for forgiveness in their early age. This Mehfil was concluded with a beautiful Dua and Salaam.

3rd December:
A beautiful Durood Paak Mehfil was held at Sister Sadia Ashraf’s house, which included khatam-e- Ghousia (member of Minhaj). Twenty minutes of silent Durood Paak was recited followed by Tilawat and Hadith by Sister Sadia Ashraf herself. Sister Ishrat recited a Naat and then a DVD was played (Taubah ka biyyan by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammed Tahir-ul-Qadri), which encourages the repentance for one’s sins .Sister Sadia asked everyone to put their hands together for a Dua and also prayed for peace in Syria and ended the Mehfil with a Salaam by Sister Rabia Khanam MWL (Welfare Secretary of Alum Rock Birmingham).

7th December:
Congratulations to Sister Rehana Shareef who has opened a new Halqa Durood Mehfil at her house in Alum Rock, Birmingham .Allah has blessed her and her family with this religious gathering and In Sha Allah her Halqa will take place every month.

Sister Rehana’s first Halqa was held on the 7th of December 2015, with the help of Sister Rukhsana Iqbal MWL (Dawah Secretary of Alum Rock Birmingham). Sister Ruksana started the first Mehfil for Sister Rehana with a beautiful Tilawat, Irfan-ul-Quran, and tafseer. Also a Hadith from Minhaj-ul-Sawi was read by Sister Asiah, followed by a DVD clip of Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammed Tahir-Ul-Qadri on the topic ‘Jawani main Tauba Ki Fazilat’ (repenting to Allah Subhan WaTala at a young age).

Dr Muhammed Tahir-ul-Qadri Always promotes peace and we are here to help spread this message in our Mehfils.

Sister Rukhsana Iqbal concluded the Mehfil with a Dua and Sister Asiah led everyone in sending salutations to the prophet SAW.

8th December:
Sister Rabia Khanam MWL (Welfare Secretary of Alum Rock Birmingham) held another weekly Halqa Durood at her house. May Allah Subhan WaTala give her baraqat and isthikamat for holding these Mehfils.

After the recitation of Durood Paak, the Mehfil commenced with Tilawat by Sister Maryam followed by a beautiful Naat and Hadith by Sister Sadia Ashraf.

Sister Rabia Khanam read from the ‘Irfan-ul-Quran’ and did a Speech from the book ‘Tazkaray and Substain’ about two Awliya Allah’s named ‘Rabia Basri and Hazrat Bisher Hafi’(May Allahs Mercy be upon them both) this book can also be purchased from Minhaj-ul-Quran library.

A DVD was played ‘Rifaty Zikry Mustafa aur Shaan –e- Awliyah’, which is a talk by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammed Tahir-ul-Qadri.

This was then followed with collective Zikr by Sister Shaida. The Mehfil ended with a Dua and Salaam.

9th December:
A Halqa Durood was held at Sister Gulshan-E-Fatima’s house MWL (President of Midlands). May Allah Subhana Wa’Tala grant his blessings on her.

Tilawat was recited by Sister Gulshan –E- Fatima herself and a Naat was recited by Sister Shamim MWL (Dawah Secretary of Hodge Hill B’ham).

A Speech was done by Sister Fatima on the importance of Namaz; she told the story of a young girl who wouldn’t miss Namaz even on her wedding day. Namaz time coincided with the time for her to leave her parents’ house and she wanted to do ablution and pray before she left.  Her family protested, as they said to her that your makeup will be ruined if you performed ablution, but the young girl insisted and went ahead and prayed. When her family saw the love she had for her Lord they were taken aback and gave her a lot of respect. It was an emotional and eye-opening message to all the attendees, which reiterated that Namaz should never be missed in any circumstance.

Zikr was led by Sister Rukhsana Begum MWL (Membership Secretary of Alum Rock B’ham), Dua by Sister Gulshan-e-Fatima and Salaam by Sister Fatima.

10th December:
Another Halqa Durood was held at Sister Rukhsana Iqbal’s house MWL (Dawah Assistant of Alum Rock B’ham). May Allah SWT and His Messenger PHUB bless Sister Rukhsana for holding Durood Halqa at her house and initiating many Halaqats in Birmingham area. Sister Rukhsana is always promoting peace and harmony to all the attendees on behalf of Minhaj-ul-Quran. The Mehfil started with silent recitation of Durood Paak for a short while and continued with a beautiful Tilawat and Irfan-ul-Quran with tafseer by Sister Rukhsana Iqbal.

This was then proceeded by a hadith from the book ‘Minhaj-ul-Sawi’. It is very important to play a DVD or CD in a Mehfil so that attendees can listen to Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri teachings directly in order to fully understand and be inspired by Shaykh-ul-Islam's message. The DVD that was played was on the importance of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The Mehfil was concluded with a powerful Dua and Salaam by Sister Naryaar Anisa.

10th December:
Sister Sadia Ashraf (Member of Minhaj-ul-Quran) held a Halqa Durood Mehfil at her house, with the blessings of Almighty Allah Subhan WaTala and his messenger Muhammad PBUH. Her Mehfils allow local ladies to gather in unity to recite Durood Paak. The Mehfil started with a moving recitation of The Holy Quran by Sister Maryam and Hadith Shareef by Sister Sadia Ashraf who always spreads peaceful messages on behalf of Minhaj-ul-Quran. A Naat was recited by Sister Asmat followed by a message from a DVD of Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri (Qurani Qasmain and shaan-e-Mustafa). Zikr and Dua was done by Sister Sadia Ashraf, followed by Salaam by Sister Abida.

Reported by Shaheen Akhter Minhaj Women League (Media Secretary of Alum Rock Birmingham UK)
Edited by MWL UK Media Team