Halqa Durood by MWL Birmingham (Alum Rock)

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On the 23rd of April 2015 with the help of Allah almighty and his prophet (peace and blessing be upon him and his family) a new Halqa Durood mehfil was opened at Nasby road Birmingham Idara by Rukhsana Parveen (MWL President of Alum Rock Birmingham) and the women league of Alum Rock Birmingham.

Talawat; Ummi Habiba Majeed

Rukhsana Parveen briefly spoke about the blessing of durood paak and how we should train our body and mind to do zikr 24 hours of the day, and how Allah forgives your sin by just getting together in the way of Allah.

Naat; Shaheen Akhter (MWL Media secretary of Alum Rock Birmingham)

Irfan-ul-Quran; Rabia Khanam (MWL Welfare secretary of Alum Rock Birmingham)

Hadith; Rukhsana Parveen

Speech; Shazia Parveen (MWL Dawah secretary of Alum Rock Birmingham). Sister Shazia spoke from the book Falasfa Miraj Un Nabi.

DVD;  Miraj aur hazarat (SAW) ki shan-e-abdiyat wa noraniyat

Zikr; Rukhsana Begum (MWL Membership secretary)

Duaa; Rukhsana Parveen

Slaam; Gulshan Bano (President of Midlands)

Attendance; 15

Books sold; 5

Free CDs;  15

Maithai and sweets were served.

Reported by Shaheen Akhter (MWL Media secretary of Alum Rock Birmingham)