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Say NO to Terrorism : Anti-Terrorism Seminar

Peace & Integration
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Say no to terrorism was the title of the anti-terrorism seminar held on the 14th of March in the Ace Centre Nelson by PAT UK convener Sehrish Ismaeel.

200 people attended this seminar held under the banner of PAT UK amongst them interfaith, the local police and residents.

Honouring the event with their presence and speaking were MP George Galloway from the Respect party who appreciated Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri's work on the Fatwa and his organisational structure worldwide. He also showed his concern on the massacre of model town. MP Andrew Stephenson Labour MP for Pendle also spoke on terrorism condemning the atrocious acts highlighting the issue of Model town as state terrorism he said he hoped to see justice done.

Nelson's local MP for labour Azhar Ali also appreciated PAT'S efforts to highlight the issue of terrorism which effects everyone worldwide. Talking on Model town he said justice delayed was justice denied.

Umar Naveed one of the speakers said terrorism was a cancer that had to be cured or cut off to bring peace into society.

Ahmad Al Sherazi speaking on the Fatwa of Dr Qadri said it was taught in several universities worldwide as part of the curriculum.

Jabeen Naveed presented sideshows as a presentation to highlight and educate the public in terms of jihad and it’s misconceptions in the west.

Ending the seminar Haroon Rathore thanked everyone and also spoke of the Pakistan Army and its excellent work of Zarb-e-Azb.

Report by: Jabeen Naveed